Friday, January 2, 2009

Disadvantages of sweatshops

Most of use would agree that sweatshops are not a good thing. Eventhough they may have some advantages overall they are a disadvantage to humans. To have to work like the workers in the sweatshops is something i wish no one would have to do. Its something like your worst nightmare. The disadvantage of sweatshops are "Well-known companies like Walt Disney, The Gap, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Levi’s have purchased from or manufactured products in sweatshops. Like all businesses, sweatshops like to keep their costs low. However, they fail to comply with minimum wage laws. The Department of Labor estimates that over half of the sewing factories in the United States are paying below the minimum wage (Contact 4 News, 1996, WWW). Wages in some U.S. sweatshops are estimated to be 60 cents per hour, in comparison to Haiti’s 30 cents per hour (People’s Weekly, 1996, WWW). Both of these pay rates can be considered starvation wages." It is just not right. Also childlabor is a major disadvantage of sweatshops, the child are expected to do work that most adults dont due.
"The Department of Labor has found the following violations in sweatshops:
-factories are not ventilated
-employees are abused
-there are no toilets
-there are no emergency exits
-doors/exits are locked
-there is do not have running water
-companies violate minimum wage laws
-child labor is involved."
Sweatshops are a disadvantage to human rights, they do not care for the people who work in them. life in a sweatshops is unpleasant and unsafe. Sweatshops are only an advantage to the owners who make a profit. The works in the factories are look at like an expenice to the owners not like people. So to keep thier expenices low they pay them little and if they works even think of standing up for them selves the sweapshop owners leave. Is that the biggest disadvantages of a sweatshops. The workers most put up with everything because it could easy be taken away without care for them. The workers most settle for low wages and bad conditions and just bad set.

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